Our Rooms...

Within our rooms-We aim to provide all the seven Areas of Learning from the Early Years Curriculum to ensure we are meeting each individual child's milestones.

Babies room

From 8 weeks.


In the baby room we provide a more calm, nurturing environment and work in partnership with parents to carry out the same routines used at home.

We will prepare bottles, soothe your children to sleep and be a second carer to your child to suit all needs.

We have more sensory based toys and babies love our red, white and black area as these are the first colours your baby will see.

Toddlers Room

1-2 Years


Within this room we will still work with the parents routine at home as well as providing more stimulating activities and lots more messy play. We focus mainly on the first 3 areas of learning which are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development, so there will be lots of books, reading, Home corner, Dolls and fine motor skill play such as drawing, painting and lots more!!!

2-3's room

Within our room we continue to provide all areas of learning, although we work on more of a free flow routine, we start to try and encourage more structure ready for pre-school such as sitting down for group activities and trying to do things independently. 

We also have free flow to our garden where we provide all areas of learning too!

Pre school room

Aged 3-5 Years


Within our room we provide all areas but will incorporate more Numeracy and Literacy into daily activities. We will encourage activities using letters and numbers to prepare them for school as well as promoting more self care- serving cold meals and drinks for themselves, tidying up after themselves, washing own hands etc. We also will have a pre school committee where children can voice there own ideas and have an input within the room. (Child's Voice)